From the Newfie Ghetto

I’m a card carrying, people loving introvert. My background was very poor, rife with difficulties and suffering. Tremendous sacrifices were made to rise out of poverty and become a loving, successful person. My heart has always been with the underdog, the seeker, the lonely, and the frustrated. My purpose is simple, strong, and attainable: to help transform suffering worldwide so that we all may live a dignified, meaningful life, while preserving the planet. 

Love, Serve, & Protect

Through the compassion and understanding of my beloved teacher, Thich Nhat Hahn, the seeds of understanding of the interconnectedness of all beings was watered in me. I came to know that each person has suffering in them. Understanding the shared experience of suffering, I began to see other people as not separate from myself. 

Staying close to the teachings of this beautiful man has allowed me to work with my destructive energies and habits, and to experience transformation from a state of deep suffering towards one of peaceful acceptance, loving-kindness, compassion and wisdom. My drive stems from a deep appreciation and reverence for life, and a deeper desire for global transformation for the sake of all beings. 

Bring the Balance Back

Drawing upon your own innate wisdom, I want to connect you with the resources that you need to move from the places where you are stuck, dissatisfied, fearful and not living in line with your values. By providing you with educational resources, wisdom teachings in tune with where you are on your personal journey, and only truly essential products, ethically sourced, it is my goal to help you live the best life possible for yourself and your world.

Reach out with questions or comments below. 

With wisdom and compassion,


Founder of Well Within